How To Hand Read In Poker (Free Video!)


Do you know how to hand read in poker? Everything we do in poker is based upon assumptions we make about our opponent’s range of hands…and the better you can hand read, the more informed your decisions will be. But where do you start when trying to improve this skill? How about this video right here!

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In this video we review the three Ls of hand reading:

  • Linear
  • Logical
  • Learning

Hand reading is a very linear process in that we start by assigning a preflop poker range, and as more actions are made we are constantly refining villain’s range (and shape!)of hands. It’s very important that you take a linear approach when hand reading to ensure the hands you are assigning on the turn are realistically in villain’s range. How likely is it that a nit turned a straight on a 9457 straight if he just called your raise preflop? The fact that you can’t assign 63 or 86 to his calling range preflop means that you can’t assign it on the turn either!

Ranges also need to be logical. Like in the example above, it’s not logical that a nit would call a preflop raise with 63 or 86, so we shouldn’t assign it to his range. It’s also not logical to assume that a fish is going to make good decisions or that a nit is going to raise really wide from UTG. Make sure that the ranges you are assigning are logical based upon who villain is. This gets easier to assume with experience, but keep it mind none the less.

Hand Reading Logic

And lastly you want to be constantly learning about ranges. Experience goes a long way when building default range ideas, but use notes and/or hud stats to learn about a player’s specific ranges. In the video a tigher player 3bets and then gets it all-in preflop with 77, which helps us learn about his 3betting range, AIPF range, etc. Hud stats are great as they remember everything that we may not…so use hud stats to learn about a player’s specific range and frequency.

These are just the basics of hand reading. There is much more to hand reading, with or without a hud, but this gives you a good framework to work within. Make sure you are constantly working to improve your hand reading skills so you can make better decisions and more profit at the tables!

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10 responses to “How To Hand Read In Poker (Free Video!)

  1. I’ve ordered many of your videos. They are the best poker teaching videos I’ve found–college graded. My game, understanding and winning has increased.
    See you at the WSOP–I’ll be playing the daily satellites.

    • Thank you so much…I’m very glad that I’ve been able to help =)

      GLGL at the series!

  2. This is one of the most difficult topics to learn and teach. I have never seen anyone breakdown the topic into the three L’s but it is brillant. It is something you can easily remember and think with during a hand.

  3. Just won my first major live tournament!!!
    Your teaching tapes have really improved my game.
    2013 LIPS Golden State Ladies Poker Champion